Dubai Fire Warrants Fireproof Construction

January 7, 2016

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Insurers in Dubai reconsider premiums for pre-2012 composite clad buildings following devastating fire at The Address. Manufacturer of aluminium-polyurethane panels used at the 302m hotel says it met fire standards in 2006. UAE's National newspaper releases tough new investigation into composite panel fire threat after two dramatic high-rise infernos in 2015.

January 06, 2016

The owners of more than 500 high-rise buildings in Dubai built before 2012 face massive increases in insurance premiums following the devastating New Year’s Eve blaze in the heart of Dubai.

The building, completed in 2008, used aluminium composite cladding, which is now known to burn ferociously, and insurers in the UAE are reconsidering premium structures following an investigation by the country's biggest newspaper.

The Address Hotel Downtown burned for more than 14 hours after fire began at 9.30pm, watched on TV new channels around the world during the two hours before the country's firework display at midnight.

Just 10 months before an equally spectacular fire at the 352m Torch Tower in Dubai Marina drew international media coverage. No one died in either fire but attention focused on the flammable cladding believed to have been used in more than 500 buildings before it was banned in 2012.



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