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Architectural Stone

Architects use ornamentation, or trim to personify the design, give it character, add focal points and stylistic resonance. The arches, adorning windows, flat panels, and the elongated doorways bring the architectural elements into focus. This is the Original Company: Milestone Architectural started by Vicon ECO founders: Melody Saunders Brenna and Dr. Konstantin Sobolev who also developed Reef Life Restoration















The video above shows you up close and personal, a precision architectural stone mold making and casting operation in world class, aviation based manufacturing systems. from Solidworks, 3D drawings, to molds which are easy for the installation teams to fit the first time, no cutting, as each piece is perfect for the spot it was designed and created for.


Super lightweight cellular concrete, midweight structural and heavyweight, polished stone, any of the surface textures in natural stone can be had for your project at a third of the cost, or less for hand carved.


Project Site PHOTO ALBUMS for our Architectural Stone




Address Block Production
Milestone Cast Marble 2015 A
Milestone Cast MGO 2015 B
Milestone Cast Stone HWD 2015 A
Milestone GFRC Cast Limestone B 2015
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