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Vicon Nano Science

Vicon accepts the challenge of developing and promoting solutions to reducing Co2 emissions by committing research dollars to the continued development of our eco infrastructure systems.

Our latest patent, ANA describes ways to eliminate 50% of cement use on a project thereby decreasing the carbon emissions on the project by at least 50%. These carbon Units can then be sold to help fund the project.

  • Two years in testing funded by US Army and backed up independently by Purdue University,

  • Provisional Patent Application June 2015.

The solo to market elements include

  • Nano Engineered Cement Formulations

  • Proprietary Mechano Activation Equipment to be sold or licensed together.

HIGH Multi Level Value Proposition:

  • Use Less Cement

  • Higher Final Strengths

  • Quantifiable (Saleable) Co2 Reductions

Clients include global cement users who are regulated to reduce Co2 Emissions  and who wish to partially fund projects using carbon trading credits.

The Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) provides the impetus for all cement related companies to embrace these Nano solutions, increasing the durability and long term usefulness of our highways, bridges and construction projects globally, leaving infrastructure dollars in the bank for education and other vital expenditures.

VICON Nano Science develops new initiatives that significantly reduce emissions from cement and concrete related manufacturing, generating carbon credits through the voluntary market.


Vicon stands alone as the innovation leader in high-performance,
eco-responsible masonry construction materials


Vicon is among the first cement companies in the U.S. to apply nanotechnology in their products.

Vicon Nano Science,  with over 20 years’ experience in masonry building materials technologies creates innovations in the production and deployment of advanced concrete applications. Proven competence places Vicon systems and solutions at the cutting edge of the green building materials industry globally.


Vicon is an R&D oriented company with revolutionary Nano Science advances in cement mix designs, admixtures, self-cleaning and air-cleaning sealants; rejuvenating staid products in the concrete industry.

Vicon technology solves additional application, durability, freeze-thaw, and efflorescence problems in civil engineering, DOT and infrastructure projects.


Vicon is the industry innovator, developing sustainable construction materials solutions utilizing our proprietary Nano cements, and Nano materials mixtures– This greatly improves mainstream masonry products so they can use up to 50% less manufacturing materials and considerably less energy, contributing to a greener environment and appreciably smaller carbon footprint. These admixtures can be incorporated into “Fire Stop” panels and “Smart Concrete” panels with performance far beyond any on the market today.


At a moment when economic and environmental pressures favor moving away from conventional construction materials; Vicon, provides a “complete solution” of building materials upgrades that no competitor can match.


Proprietary new technologies of concrete precast with 25% of waste glass, and other waste materials, including low level toxic trash,  allows incorporation of waste products which otherwise would require transportation and payments to landfills.


• Next generation of superplasticizers for “total workability control” and supreme water reduction;

• Cement based materials with supreme tensile and flexural strength, ductility and toughness;

• Binders with controlled internal moisture supply to avoid/reduce micro-cracking;


Safer Buildings + Stronger Roads

Nano engineered cements create sound infrastructure construction from the roads we drive on to the buildings we live and work in. New Flexural qualities will prevent cracking, creating earthquake proof environments.


Advanced Nano Applications 

Nano Cement Activation Systems

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