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Proprietary Vicon Nano Science Eco Construction Systems

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    ECO Construction Systems

    Eco Construction manufacturing operations are scaled to your requirements.

    Site Consultation

    Dr. Konstantin Sobolev, engineers, plant management professionals will be at your site to assess from blueprints to final installation, what is required to complete your project with highest success models.

    Cellular Concrete Construction

    Complete cellular concrete systems from structural panel production to site casting of homes or commercial walls from the experts in American Concrete Institute with 15+ years experience.

    • Machinery

    • Materials

    • Training

    • Engineering

    • Certifications


    Architectural Stone Molds and Casting

    The most highly awarded custom architectural stone operation, Milestone Architectural, Vicon Eco System original company, will guide your path to success every step of the way.

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    UHPC Ultra High Performance Custom Concretes

    ACI-239 Specification and Higher ksi Strength Formulations Customized for Site and optimized for scope of work.