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Vicon Cellular Densities

  • Vicon Eco Custom Cellular Concrete Densities and Applications:

  • (300-600 Kg/m3)

  • -thermal and acoustic applications

  • -unstable soil substitution

  • -floor and roof screeds

  • -void filling 

  • -bridge abutment

  • -road sub-base

  • -mining excavation applications

  • (600-1200 Kg/m3)

  • -lightweight block production

  • -non-structural precast panels

  • -marina floating docks

  • -garden decoration elements

  • -façade decorative ornaments

  • (1200-1600 Kg/m3) and MUCH Higher if Needed

  • -structural precast panels

  • -cast in place building systems

  • -floor and roof slabs

  • -highway sound barrier precast panels


  • -bullet resistant wall systems


Vicon LAM panels, block, or cast in place walls provide structural performance and its light weight helps engineering designs. It’s an excellent choice for low rise loadbearing buildings, partition walls, infill walls, shear walls and more. Vertical reinforcing can be installed in cored units and horizontal bars can be installed in bond beam units when required by the engineer.


LAM Vicon Cellular is an environmentally friendly building material that is used to save energy and enhance the quality of the built environment. Interior wall systems, LAM Cellular is capable of further enhancing thermal efficiency by absorbing excess heat from internal loads emitted by people, lights, and equipment. LAM Cellular contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) creating healthier interior environments.


ASTM USA Testing and Specification: Vicon LAM Panels

Please ask for all ASTM specifications/testing.



Cellular Concrete offers fast, easy construction with excellent fire and freeze thaw resistance, high thermal and sound insulation, no mold or bugs, vastly durable with lightweight components for less stress on footings and quick assembly by minimally trained crews. Experts at Vicon Eco Systems have developed the finest cellular concrete casting systems and mixtures.


Footings, partition walls, external walls, (both solid and cavity) or eco-infill for steel or heavy concrete framed buildings. Foamed cellular concrete can also be used for infill of land or water needing stability, or to encapsulate a problem region: Mercury Spill, etc. Cellular Concrete is created by the addition of specific foam to a concrete mixture.


Vicon co-founder, Dr, Konstantin Sobolev is the Director of the American Concrete Institute Cellular Concrete Division as well as the newly formed Nano Technology Division. There are no companies globally with this expertise in both mixtures and manufacturing, history and expertise. Vicon/Milestone LAM Panel testing from 2005 to 2010 ACI 523 Publication 2014, please ask for full report.


Additional elements for a property development can be architectural ornamentation, perimeter walls (ballistic resistant) in order to protect the housing and individualize the construction in simple, yet artistic ways.

High Value, Low Cost, Low Energy Intensity, Carbon Credit Capable, (can be quantified and sold to fund project) Long term durability, earthquake, high wind, water and impact resistant.


Much less energy is spent in all phases of manufacture. No massive production plants are required.

Much less energy is required to heat and cool the LAM cellular concrete structures as thermal mass (closed cells holding air) keep temperatures stable.

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