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Dr. Konstantin Sobolev

Dr. Konstantin Sobolev began working with Milestone in 2002 within the original facility in Amarillo, Texas where many of these advanced nano compounds were developed and tested, including the marine compatible formulas for Reef Life. Vicon Nano Science was created in 2006 to impliment Dr. Sobolev innovations in the cement, concrete and advanced nanomaterials science. His achievements within the United States are:

Fellow of American Concrete Institute FACI: Chair of Material Science -Nanotechnology of Concrete for the American Concrete Institute, (ACI);  Also ACI 523 Cellular Concrete Chair


•PHD (1993) Research Institute of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete (NIIZHB) Russia

•BS/MS (1988) summa cum laude Moscow State Civil Engineering Univ. Russia

•10 Years Professor University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Materials Engineering  

•MIT Concrete Sustainability HUB

•1990 to present, 25 years Research in Advanced Concrete Materials

•Mexican Academy of Sciences since 2006

12 Halliburton Patents are just a few of many global patents based on Dr. Sobolev Nano Science Initiatives and Publications.


Dr. Sobolev is the global innovator of high-strength and high-performance concrete from initial clinker stages through site specific infrastructure usages. He is a world renowned nano scientist, partner, founder and co-owner of Vicon Nano Science and has worked within the global concrete and cement industries since 1990. The nano admixtures Vicon has developed positively affect diverse and vital fields from infrastructure construction projects and materials to marine growth matrices which provide structural substrates for underwater, bio, reef, and algae farming. Activation processes bring carbon efficiencies to precasters, and global infrastructure projects. Oil and Gas developments include recent advances in “Smart Materials” like self-healing cements and nano scale hydrocarbon pockets for pipelines, fly ash refuse (including class F, class C asphalts, nano mortars, eco and agri binders), and industrial coatings and sealants (Curriculum Vitae upon request).


Nano Materials Science Director and Co-Founder

Mathew Raymond Patent and IP Expert

Dr. Matthew (Matt) Raymond has a deep background as a technology manager and medical entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in research, business development and intellectual property management in the biomedical sciences. Matt worked in academic technology transfer for three institutions including serving as the Director for the office at Rush University Medical Center. During his term at Rush, he led the growth of licensing revenues from $200,000 to over $7 million per year through an aggressive and careful effort at identifying, assessing and licensing inventions created by Rush researchers. He has been involved in the organization and licensing for more than two dozen academic start-up companies. 

Melody Saunders Brenna

Original Co-founder of Milestone Architectural in Texas, Melody is dedicated to growing the companies focused on Nano Materials Science and advanced cement and sealant innovation as well as LAM High Performance Building Systems, utilizing proprietary cellular concrete technology. Instrumental in creating the company: Reef Life Restoration Nanoscience solutions, and ballistic shelter divisions. AWARDS Link



Ken Bownds

Ken Bownds has been engineering our Lightweight Cellular Concrete for over 15 years. He knows more about how architectural cast stone is specified, installed and the dimensional characteristics of our heavyweight cast granite and marble, as well as the cellular. 

Engineering Architectural Cast Stone Ornamentation

Guyon K Brenna

Guyon is on the Cellular Concrete and High Performance Systems training teams, has patented his reef restoration and growth substrate designs adding two to the list recently which are in client response to bombed Malaysian reefs. Guyon creates structural systems for the housing and is an award winning architectural designer. has worked closely with Dr. Sobolev for many years, and grew up in the Cellular Concrete Milestone Architectural plant in Amarillo Texas.

Architectural Design and Training Team

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