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Ballistic Proof Construction Gun Bunkers


Gun Bunker Ballistic Proof Construction

Safe Rooms & Panic Rooms serve the same purpose: creation of a haven for our valuable property, computer data, personal papers, and posessions from fire, as well as protect our families and weapons from intruders.


Vicon Defense Walls are harder, lighter and faster to install with new and retrofit applications.  The ability to quickly place a hardened structure in a home or business with superior safety characteristics resonates in tornado country and through the nation. 


This Growing Market speaks to the basic instinct of survival.  The threat may come from Nature or Man but the “need” is addressed in the same offering. 


International tensions are on the rise, extreme weather conditions are as well-- A space that provides advanced thermal shelter and ballistic grade safety is aptly communicated with the expression, “Warm and Safe”.  Regardless of the myriad threat sources, the ability to protect oneself and loved ones is supreme. 


Pool House/office/tornado shelter all in one delivered to your home completely finished!! Call for details today-- 806-674-6072 Future developments include “Smart Technology” which turns a wall into a measurement and communication device. Impacts of this disruptive approach will be felt for years to come. Provides capabilities to receive data from the surrounding environment and communicating information to a   central point.  


Testing on advanced panels in the new defense systems will include: ASTM C99, ASTM C1354 for Missile Impact and High Performance Structural Compressive

Strengths. Kevlar and Carbon Fiber Reinforcement within the panels provides advanced military grade performance.



Military Grade Defense Security Systems, Rooms and Walls.


Over 10 years in development as our architects and engineers asked for safe rooms and tornado shelters with advanced security features within a beautiful architectural design so that nobody but your builder knows whether a Pool House is Really a Panic Room!


These shelters can be incorporated into a Home Office, Media Room, or Play Room.


Vicon Ballistic Concrete Gun Bunkers are steel reinforced and Top Security Detection Devices can easily be added in our plant, or at installation.

Gun Bunkers can be added to Tornado Shelter Structures where Gun Safes are added inside.

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