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Eco Construction 

Latest Additional Revenue Streams From Carbon Units Per Project With Vicon Eco Engineered nano Cements
In order to learn more about your particular project, and the possible carbon offsets which can be certified and sold for additional revenue streams, please review the links below. Vicon waste encapsultaion, quantifiable cement reduction, and subsequent strength increases by using our nano admixtures bring your project to 2020/2050 demands for reduction in emisssions.
World Bank 

Low-carbon development is a priority for the World Bank, and cities are the natural place to start. Cites account for two-thirds of the world’s overall energy consumption and contribute an estimated 70 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases. If just 100 of the world’s largest cities embark on a low-carbon development path, global greenhouse gas emissions could decrease by an estimated 10 percent a year. 

The World Bank works in partnership with cities to help integrate low-carbon development into their growth.  One of the main ways is through the Low-Carbon, Livable Cities Initiative, which helps rapidly-growing cities plan for smart, sustainable, green, and inclusive growth. Working with our partners  –  the Clinton Global Initiative, C40, the Rockefeller Foundation, and others  –  the initiative focuses on:

  • Planning: With diagnostics such as greenhouse gas inventories, tools to evaluate the emission reduction potential of different investments, and standardized climate-smart investment at the city level, municipal officials are better equipped to put their cities on a low carbon trajectory.

  • Financing: We work to get finance flowing to cities so they can implement low-carbon development plans. Leveraging the Bank’s experience with innovative financing, we’re developing new financing instruments for low-carbon investments at the city level, and creating pooled delivery mechanisms to attract private capital. We’re also working with local authorities to help them become “creditworthy” and raise their credit ratings.

The Low-Carbon, Livable Cities initiative draws on the World Bank’s experience with cities such as Rio de Janeiro, which is in the process of implementing a major, city-level program to realize its goals for low-carbon development. Certified according to ISO standards, the Rio de Janeiro Low Carbon City Development Program helps the city plan, implement, monitor, and account for low carbon investments and climate change mitigation actions across sectors.
Vicon History and Diverse Building Systems

VICON was created as a research arm in 2004 by the owners and managers of Milestone Architectural Ornamentation, Ltd., a cast stone company producing a wide range of stone ornamentation products such as building veneers, columns, and fireplace surrounds. 

Milestone is the only cast stone company employing aerated concrete, a strong and lightweight environmentally friendly material produced through a foaming process that is not easily mastered without systematic research and experience. Since 1998, Milestone developed a number of technological and process innovations that greatly improve the quality and practicality of aerated cellular concrete. VICON was incorporated as a vehicle for advancing and commercializing these promising innovations, including LAM building systems, which more fully utilize the diverse range of construction applications for aerated cellular concrete which constitutes the worlds most used building material.

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