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Company Awards


Funded a new Materials Science Lab for West Texas A&M University; began Vicon Nano Science for advanced materials testing of magnesium oxides, nano compositions, working with Argonne National Laboratories. Invited to the State of Florida in 2005 to study and create reef repair and regeneration materials.


Created research division for eco-cements including reef and marine environment ceramics and other composites, air and surface cleaning sealants, and multiple cement-related high performance mixtures and topical treatments.



Milestone Architectural Ornamentation (The precursor company to Vicon Nano Science), which created the diverse Vicon Eco Construction Systems was the highest awarded cast stone company in the United States with the following awards for excellence, and for the leadership of CEO and 

Co-founder Melody Saunders Brenna

who also created Reef Life Restoration


  • Enterprise Innovation First 1998 Engineering Project Website in Cast Stone Industry $48,000.

  • Top Small Business Texas Chamber Commerce 2000-2001

  • Top Small Business Person North Texas (Regional) SBA 2003

  • Top Small Business Person for the State of Texas (Washington DC, SBA) 2003

  • District Directors SBA Choice Award, Southern USA Companies 2004

  • Export Achievement Awards Texas

  • Global Export Council President Melody Saunders Brenna 2002

  • District Export Council Texas Melody Saunders Brenna appointed by Washington DC

  • Texas Senate Export Proclamation 2004 Croatia/EU Projects

  • Addy Awards, Civic and National

  • LEEDS GREEN Manufacturing

Dr. Konstantin Sobolev and Melody Saunders Brenna opening of the Guyon H. Saunders Engineering and Materials Science Laboratory TX A&M University.

Kay Bailey Hutchinson congratulating Melody Saunders Brenna on Winning

Top Small Business Person for the State of Texas SBA DC

T. Boone Pickens College of Business

Leadership Symposium

Melody Saunders Brenna



"One of my favorite highlights of National Small Business Week is the recognition it gives to the best and brightest entrepreneurial talent. That is where you come in, as both our district and state winner for Texas, 2003. Milestone deserves the accolades for its work in the community and for bringing attention and business from out of the country for our state. Melody Saunders Brenna Winner State of Texas 2003 and Regional Small Business Person of the year 2004."



"Milestone CEO, Melody Saunders Brenna was selected to represent Texas as the Top Small Business Person from several hundred outstanding Texas business candidates. Through their award winning internet marketing and internationally awarded print advertising, Milestone is recognized as a leader of innovation, engineering, artistry and highly advanced technology in the stone business today.

Winners are selected on their record of stability, growth in sales and employment, financial condition, product innovation, response to adversity and community service.




Washington, D.C.


MORE Architectural Stone Project LINK
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