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Milestone Architectural is an unusually creative company in the cast stone industry. Having worked closely with them on several interesting and innovative projects, I have found the Milestone teams imaginatively and diligently develop solutions and product needs to meet the needs of clients and the community. They have a desire for excellence and client satisfaction that is a pleasure to see. They hold the project first and foremost so that the project wins overall.



The test of a competent company is the outcome of a highly complex project. The parapet caps are over three feet thick, Milestone had to build templates in their shop to fit the compound radius curves of the pieces I specified. There were almost three thousand Milestone pieces, beautifully installed in this project. They gave me the opportunity to creatively go where I wanted, instead of being held back by the talent of a subcontractor. We have used and consulted with the Milestone teams on other highly complex, individual jobs and have always found them to be ready to find a solution to the seemingly impossible.


"CDC Engineering handled ALL of our major nationwide projects." MSB Vicon

MORE Project Photo Albums:


When our client came to us with the idea of a full scale Doric Ruins, curved stone amphitheatre seating and stone entry for their space in the Watergate Office Building, we were not quite sure how to accomplish such a request. The steel substrate could not handle the load of natural limestone, so an alternative had to be found. Milestone handled the design, engineering, manufacture and installation consultation for us and was, in fact, the ONLY subcontractor to get their pieces on site within the original time frame!



PHOTOS of Watergate Roman Ruins Project: Here


Milestone Advanced Manufacturing Movie:

Milestone was crucial to the success of our project. Your innovative designs, superior construction technology, timely delivery and excellent customer service was a welcome addition to the design and construction team. Given the length and complexity of this project, your approach to problem solving was both refreshing and appreciated. As a critical path vendor, your involvement assured a timely flow to the demanding schedule. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on any of our future projects.


Dear Melody and Konstantin: Congratulations on Vicon Eco Construction new patents and creating the High Performance LAM Construction Line recently certified by ACI 523 publication. I know that took 7 years to get through the American Concrete Industry. Having all companies, and a Nano Research Lab in synergy is both cost effective for your group and amazingly easy for a General Contractor to procure Vicon’s many product lines from a single source, as opposed to having to work with multiple different vendor companies for a single project. Since your team can handle everything from retaining walls to signage, the exterior is set, and the High Performance tip up panels that incorporate higher R Values and lighter weight are what we believe are key components that everyone is looking for in the commercial construction industry.


Then Milestone ornamentation, which undoubtedly is the finest I have ever seen in that industry, easy installation for my teams: masonry to masonry, will incorporate easily into the massive Architectural Elements replacing EFIS, adding to your future success.

We all recognize Vicon admixtures and sealants will create durability beyond current experience, so the actual products themselves bring so much more to a project, enhancing the reputation of companies like us (we will not have to go back to redo the work from faulty products) as well as general contractors shaving additional monies from a large job ordering much of it through one vendor, will be a big plus for them. Knowing well Konstantin and Ken, I am So Eager to see more of the Military Ballistic, Carbon Fiber products! Having studied in depth the nano science behind the admixtures, our industries’ future depends upon Vicon eco-sustainability and durability upgrades!

As a masonry industry leader, I see project bids from all over the country and will immediately begin to formulate how to encourage the many general contractors we have worked with in our 24+ year history, to pull Vicon Companies into current and future projects. Respectfully, Alan Johnson

President, IMS Masonry, Inc. April 7, 2014

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