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Cellular Concrete

Vicon Eco Housing, a division of Vicon Nano Science is the developer of premium cellular concrete and systems to build residences and large buildings that can be R-45 rated. This construction makes a building energy efficient


The building is fireproof, silent and insulated without the use of commercial insulation or Styrofoam which can expel harmful gases, and is increasingly under scrutiny for safety, and outlawed in many places. With the previous development of our cellular concrete architectural trim, Styrofoam and other products that burn or deteriorate can be eliminated making the trim last and look like new for many years. Our water-based sealer will keep the building clean and can be applied to older surfaces as well.


Vicon Eco Housing licenses its system to companies that want to build cost effective, environmentally efficient homes to commercial and government buildings.


Cellular building design and material properties influence thermal performance and energy consumption for residential and commercial buildings.  Vicon Eco Housing LAM (Lightweight Aerated Masonry) wall, floor and roof systems provide an innovative combination of excellent thermal conductivity, thermal mass and low air-infiltration. This practical combination of properties in one system provides an excellent thermal insulation material and permits peak energy usage in the building to be shifted to off-peak hours, thus reducing operation cost for building users and owners, improving comfort of living and reducing the demand on power generation.


The closed cell lightweight concrete can encapsulate industrial waste products including low level nuclear debris; testing protocols and results available. ACI recently acknowledged more than double strength cellular concrete panels than any other panel manufacturer in ACI 523 for Milestone as competitors struggle to hit 800psi (pounds per square inch), Milestone strength testing over 7 years hits 1900psi for its proprietary LAM Cellular Structural Concrete.


ASTM Building Specifications for Vicon/Milestone LAM Concrete as certified in American Concrete Institute 523 Guide to Cellular Concrete:

Please request complete manual and 523 Specifications


MORE information regarding Vicon Nano Science Admixtures and Sealants call (806) 674-6072


Cellular Concrete is the most energy efficient way to construct a building.

Benefits of Cellular Concrete

  • Environment protection: The first Advantage of Cellular Concrete is designed for consumers who are environmentally conscious. It helps reduce at least 30% of environmental waste, decrease over 50% of greenhouse radiation and save over 60% integrated energy on the surface of brick.


  • Energy saving: The remarkably good insulation properties of Cellular Concrete mean a pleasant interior environment is achieved. In most cases the need for supplementary insulation can be avoided.


  • Excellent acoustic performance: Cellular Concrete has excellent acoustic performance and can be used as an effective sound barrier.


  • Fire resistant: This Advantage of Vicon Eco Housing cellular concrete is totally inorganic and is incombustible. The product is especially suited for fire-rated applications.


  • Superior Ventilation: Cellular Concrete is Vapor Permeable thus allowing more diffusion of water, reducing humidity of the building. Vicon Eco Housing Wall self-adjusts the humidity by absorbing moisture and releasing humidity automatically, helps prevent condensation and problems related to mildew. Our permeable sealer will allow chemical vapors to exit the building making it an ideal material for homes for the chemically sensitive.


  • Non toxic: Cellular Concrete products do not contain any toxic gas substances. The product does not harbor or encourage vermin.


  • Accuracy: The accurate manufacturing process ensures that Vicon Eco Housing panels are always produced to size as they leave the factory. This results in less on-site trimming and reduced quantities of mortar and finishing materials use.


  • Long life: Cellular Concrete products are not affected by harsh climatic conditions and will not degrade under normal atmospheric conditions.


  • Rapid on - site assembly: The Vicon Eco Housing product’s lightweight and easy workability means that is very quick to install on site.

  • Highly Profitable for Builders



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