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VICON designs mixtures for exact specification parameters using the diverse cement types, correct fibers, in the correct dosages and precision casting methods to control water and air permeability as well as ductility and fracture energy.


VICON will be building a nano-laboratory for new product development and customizing formulas based on customer needs, a small production line and small scale bottling operation for testing new technology, and building samples for diverse client’s needs.

Vicon – Become a Licensee

Vicon is currently selling the rights to use its technologies.  There will be a licensing fee, as well as for individual product customization and consulting on product or plant installations.


The licensee will get the following:
〈 Protected region and market
〈 Production design
〈 Access to formulas covered by License Agreement

〈 Consulting support
〈 Right to resell within the designated region and market


If you are interested in a Licensee Agreement or have questions, please contact Melody Saunders Brenna, CEO +1(806) 674-6072


Vicon’s technologies include revolutionary nano-cement additives which upgrade and significantly strengthen all cement-related products, radically extending the service life of cement on highways, bridges, runways and infrastructure construction by 2.5 times and higher. Vicon Cement additives improve the test strengths on batch concrete at every level. Vicon is patenting industry breakthrough marine cements for coral reef repair, and has developed eco sealants which clean both the air surrounding and surface structures they are applied to. Our line includes eco cement binders, self- healing materials and nano-cements which can control electrical conductivity. “Smart Response Cements”, own temperature, moisture and stress-sensing capabilities. VICON Nano Materials Science Improvements provide vast construction budget savings on multiple levels.

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