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Vicon Ballistic Perimeter Walls and Security Systems

We have been asked by clients across the globe to provide Military Grade Blast Resistant mix designs, fibers to Kevlar standards with blast resistant perimeter wall and construction panel molds. Unfortunately, the world we live in demands that we protect ourselves and our loved ones as best we know how- and this is the best.

We have partnered with a global security firm to provide cameras, relay of perimeter info to home and business computers so that owners have acess to real time information relayed to their computers, phones, or security personel. Many security devices can be installed within our high performance cast stone elements.

Perimeter Walls for property developers, or homeowners can be cast with our rock formliners for great architectural style., creating both ballistic protection and property value increases.

Property Developers need their identity in stone to create the image of the project prior to selling even one parcel! Now the vital importance of safety brings Vicon security walls to clients globally. Ballistic proof stone with high security systems, cameras, gate opening codes, and a myriad of highest alarm and communication elements can easily be added. Walls can be as thick as needed to stop a 65,000 pound truck at 50 miles per hour, or have flower beds attached, whatever the architect and owners require.


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