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Cellular Panel Casting

LAM Panel construction in a cellular concrete manufacturing plant. Panels delivered to the jobsite can be finished at site, OR in the plant- ask us for the cost difference between cast in place- monolithic pour- OR panels delivered and set up by the blueprint.

Cellular Concrete Panels Wind & Bullet Testing

Natural disasters, resource constraints and new patterns of development require companies and governments to plan for energy and other related infrastructure to be both resilient and sustainable. Vicon has been perfecting these challenges for 15 years. Cellular Concrete was invented in the 1930's and is used worldwide for high quality construction. Fireproof, wind and bullet resistant on its own, with Vicon admixtures and fibers ranging to past Kevlar-- you are getting the finest advanced construction with a proven method used globally. Imagine a future world where roads absorb storm water rather than allow it to run off directly into waterways; where cost-effective 3-D printed seawalls keep

Outdoor Living Style

Outdoor Living is what brings a family and friends together to celebrate life!! Pergolas, grill surrounds, outdoor kitchens and pool houses help us to get outside and play, cook, entertain and enjoy the time we have to celebrate. Cast stone columns, grill units on wheels to bring cooking to the poolside help designers and homeowners create the perfect architectural accent to a home. Outdoor Living Project Photo Albums:

Vicon Ballistic Perimeter Walls and Security Systems

We have been asked by clients across the globe to provide Military Grade Blast Resistant mix designs, fibers to Kevlar standards with blast resistant perimeter wall and construction panel molds. Unfortunately, the world we live in demands that we protect ourselves and our loved ones as best we know how- and this is the best. We have partnered with a global security firm to provide cameras, relay of perimeter info to home and business computers so that owners have acess to real time information relayed to their computers, phones, or security personel. Many security devices can be installed within our high performance cast stone elements. Perimeter Walls for property developers, or homeowners

Dubai Fire Warrants Fireproof Construction

Vicon Cellular Concrete Panels: Structural, AND Fireproof, NEEDED Globally Vicon Cellular Concrete cladding and panel systems: Fireproof, Acoustic and Durable Vicon Fireproof Housing Systems Prevent Home and Business Devastation by Fire Insurers in Dubai reconsider premiums for pre-2012 composite clad buildings following devastating fire at The Address. Manufacturer of aluminium-polyurethane panels used at the 302m hotel says it met fire standards in 2006. UAE's National newspaper releases tough new investigation into composite panel fire threat after two dramatic high-rise infernos in 2015

Cast Marble and Granite

Vicon Eco Systems High Performance Cast Stone line includes a very high density cast marble and black granite. We created the line for the military ballistic elements and they came out of the molds looking like polished stone- so-- what else can be made from this magnificent stone? See Military Monuments, Polished Stone Photos Fireplaces, highly carved entry architectural elements, monuments, headstones and other highly durable features. our original company, Milestone Architectural, now within Vicon Eco Systems can be researched at

GFRC with Cellular Concrete Backup

GFRC Glas Fiber reinforced Concrete has been around many years and is a good lightweight trim, better than styrofoam. However-- larger pieces can be very difficult to install as they bend and the attachement solutions are not great. We devised a way, solo to industry-- of having a structural cellular concrete backup to a GFRC trim element. Easy to install and works beautifully, with NO styrofoam! So Fireproof, vermin proof and highly durable!!! The installation of a HEAVY piece of stone at this large scale is difficult on installation teams as well as the structural capabilities on the building-- This is why Vicon Cellular Concrete trim is so important- either as a solid- shown here- OR as a

Cellular Concrete Eco Conctruction

Cellular Concrete Housing Systems are sold by Vicon Eco Systems to devlopers, We have a structural rating from our many years of testing as well as the director of the American Concrete Institute of Cellular Concrete, and over 15 years of highly awarded history. Panels for residential and commercial construction can be manufactured and shipped to the job. OR cast in place right at the site. Both systems for rapid, eco construction can be purchased from Vicon Eco Systems.

Lightweight Architectural Helps Engineering Load

Cellular Concrete has an air void structure as shown above- this lightens the engineering load on the structure considerably. When applying to stucco, GFRC, wood, or SIP panels, these structurally capable pieces are very easily installed. These upper trim pieces are massive-- the arch at front is OVER three feet across-- this could never be accomplished in a heavyweight cast stone trim-

Cellular Concrete Engineering Specifications ACI ASTM

ACI-- American Concrete Institute published our structural Cellular Concrete specifications in ACI 523 Report in 2014. Click this link to view and print the Milestone ASTM testing published in 2007 and certified by ACI in 2014 Milestone is the ONLY structural Cellular Concrete systems provider.

Vicon Cast Stone Manufacturing Movie

Milestone Architectural was the Original Company for Vicon Eco Construction Systems. Milestone won the highest awards in the architectural stone industry. The movie protrays the lightweight cellular concrete stone casting operation. Awards LINK: Architectural StoneWorks Processes and MORE INFO WEB Milestone nationwide PROJECT PHOTOS: Architectural Stone Brochure Link

Eco Construction Systems Cast Stone

Vicon Eco Systems has an architectural cast stone division whose packages include custom stone molds and casting protocols for lightweight cellular, midweight structural, and granite and marble high performance stone. Original Milestone BIG projects Catalogue LINK:

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