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Cellular Concrete Panels Wind & Bullet Testing

Bullets are held inside the Wall

Cellular Concrete was invented in the 1930's and is used worldwide for high quality construction. Fireproof, wind and bullet resistant on its own, with Vicon admixtures and fibers ranging to past Kevlar-- you are getting the finest advanced construction with a proven method used globally.

Imagine a future world where roads absorb storm water rather than allow it to run off directly into waterways; where cost-effective 3-D printed seawalls keep water from reaching commerce centers; where health care centers are integrated into impoverished communities by turning an excess of shipping containers into clinics.

Now, imagine a future where a city plunges into darkness when one link in its electrical grid fails; where major transit routes are continually disrupted by flooding, halting economic productivity; where communities are forced to rebuild from storm after storm, the poorest and most vulnerable populations struggling to get ahead of the next shock.

The first is the kind of world that is built with sustainable, resilient infrastructure — infrastructure that is able to bend, not break, adapt to changing conditions, and allow humanity to thrive within the ecological limits of our planet. The second future is what will happen if we stay on our current course.

This is the choice in front of us. We have plenty of opportunities to change our ways: 70 percent of the infrastructure that will exist in 2050 has yet to be built. The question then is how do we build it with resilience in mind, ensuring people have the ability to prepare for, withstand, and even transform in the face of the shocks and stresses that are characteristic of our 21st century world?


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