January 21, 2016

Natural disasters, resource constraints and new patterns of development require companies and governments to plan for energy and other related infrastructure to be both resilient and sustainable. Vicon has been perfecting these challenges for 15 years.

Cellular Concrete was invented in the 1930's and is used worldwide for high quality construction. Fireproof, wind and bullet resistant on its own, with Vicon admixtures and fibers ranging to past Kevlar-- you are getting the finest advanced construction with a proven method used globally.



Imagine a future world where roads absorb storm water rather than allow it to run off directly into waterways; where cost-effective 3-D printed seawalls keep water from reaching commerce centers; where health care centers are integrated into impoverished communities by turning an excess of shipping containers into clinics.

Now, imagine a future where a city plunges into darkness when one link in its electrical grid fails; where major transit routes are c...

January 11, 2016

We have been asked by clients across the globe to provide Military Grade Blast Resistant mix designs, fibers to Kevlar standards with blast resistant perimeter wall and construction panel molds. Unfortunately, the world we live in demands that we protect ourselves and our loved ones as best we know how- and this is the best.


We have partnered with a global security firm to provide cameras, relay of perimeter info to home and business computers so that owners have acess to real time information relayed to their computers, phones, or security personel. Many security devices can be installed within our high performance cast stone elements.

Perimeter Walls for property developers, or homeowners can be cast with our rock formliners for great architectural style., creating both ballistic protection and property value increases.

Property Developers need their identity in stone to create the image of the project prior to selling even one parcel! Now the vital importance of safety brings Vicon se...

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January 1, 2016

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